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Hello everyone!

It has been such a snowy off season and it hasn't stopped yet. Eric and I have been moving into our new house and trying to get it together! Its hard with three pups running around and our busy schedules to organize the new place. Little Jenny is getting so big and is just as wild as her big brother. She farts non stop and had Eric almost throwing up! I know, TMI. Jenny is such wild spirit and i thought she was going to be my dog but she is turning into a daddies girl for sure! I have been in the studio working on my new album and writing with my favorite writers. It's going to be good, y'all.

I am so ready for Summer and our wedding in June! I cant believe i am going to be Mrs. Decker. I still get butterflies thinking about it, I am going to marry the man of my dreams in four months. We almost have everything picked out but still have a handful of things to take care of. I am so lucky to have such a helpful fiancé. I am not a big planner and never have been, but Eric is very good at this! I finally tried my dress on after getting the right size and color and it is beautiful! I cannot wait for Eric to walk down the aisle in my wedding gown and see Eric waiting for me. It's going to be an emotional moment for both of us, for all of us and I cannot wait!

To say the least...Jess and I have the moving bug in us! We have moved 3 times in the 2 years we have been together and constantly have the itch to get out and travel. With the headache of moving, we still love the adventure and challenges it brings. (Though it has been moves within a 30 mile radius ha!) Being it is my 'off season' I have more time to use my borderline OCD with organizing to help Jess and take care of wedding plans! It's been a fun but tedious process with all the details. Choosing the music and food was our priority because we all know that makes or breaks a party! Regardless of countless details, it is going to be a special chapter in our lives!! Watching Jessica walk down the aisle, proclaiming our vows in the grace of God and becoming a family is precious. In today's society it may not appear that way, but we definitely feel it is!

We appreciate all the love and support and are excited to share our journey through this game called 'life'. There is no right or wrong way of living; find your passion, set goals, appreciate what you have and respect what others have. Opportunities are not handed out, you earn them. Be willing to take risks and feel uncomfortable. Failing is not the end of all. Confidence comes from experience and experiences ignite growth! Seize every opportunity to grow as a man or woman and make a positive impact! (Had the urge to preach!)