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By Jessica James and Eric Decker


Jess: I hope y'all had as much fun as we did this Christmas. My family drove up from Texas to join us in Denver for the week. It's so nice to have family come join us since we cant leave Denver because of football. Mama has been cookin up a storm which gives me a break from cooking every day for the big boy. We have been playing so many board games and as you can imagine Eric gets SO competitive and acts like a baby if he doesn't always win, its hilarious! 

Christmas morning we woke up, had coffee and all sat around the Christmas tree to open gifts with the 4 dogs running around! My favorite gifts Eric got me was a painting easel and my scooter and my golden retriever puppy Georgia who will arrive next week! I guess you could say i was a good girl! I got Eric a lot of clothes, massager for his feet and sunglasses and a scrapbook I made for him : ) My parents and siblings got us so many amazing gifts too. We felt so blessed to have each other and have such love this week so far. It really shows you how much we all love each other. There has been so much laughing and joking and love and moments shared! 

This will be a Christmas I will always remember and the last Christmas Eric and I will share before we are officially Mr and Mrs Decker!!!!! woohoooo!!!!!!! Today mama is making turkey gumbo and a pie and Eric returns to practice so they can kick butt this sunday against Kansas City! This past game was so exciting with Eric getting 2 touchdowns! This has been an amazing year!! Next year will be even more wonderful and we have huge news coming so that's exciting! 

Eric: I would agree with all of that Jess! Christmas was so fun this year with a Broncos win and family in town to celebrate!! I was spoiled with many awesome gifts, especially my scrapbook from Jess (that was the best!)

The dogs were a bit crazy but hilarious! All 4 of them fighting over their Christmas toys and wrestling for hours! Also, this week I have been spoiled rotten with good home cookin from mama! I see why Jess can cook her butt off!

This season has been a blast and I am really looking forward to this Sunday! Another opportunity to play in front of Bronco Country and a handful of friends and family from Minnesota! I love having all the love and support at my games, gives me an extra edge on the field! I am looking forward to our new puppy Georgia who will arrive next week! She's gonna be an adorable pup and Jessica's lil girl! We are excited to have the addition to our family. Thanks to all the fans for the support this season, means a lot to me! Jessica and I wish everyone a blessed and prosperous 2013! Happy holidays!!