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By Eric Decker and Jessica James

Hello again, I tweeted to everyone that Eric and I would answer some fan questions for this week's SOTL blog!

Here we go!

Jessica, how do you deal with women hitting on Eric all the time on twitter and in person?

Eric is a beautiful, wonderful man, so I get it! It doesn't upset me at all, if you look at my responses to girls on twitter sometimes I try to make a joke out of it, I know its harmless and I know how much he loves me and that he comes home with me every night.

Another question was, "is it hard to watch Eric take hits on the field?" and my answer is yes, it is hard. You never want to watch someone you love get slammed into! My first initial thought is, oh my gosh my baby! The second thought is, who slammed into them and let me run down on the field and jump him! Ha!

How did you and Eric realize you had found the one?

Jessica: I knew Eric was the one when I realized I hated spending any time away from him I wanted to be around him 24/7. He was different than any man I had ever met in my whole life. We fell in love so fast and it scared a lot of people because they had never seen him like this and that made me realize this was real for him too. I knew Eric was my soul mate after about a month when he came to meet my family and he slipped right in! It was so easy, they loved him and it was like he was one of family. 

Eric: I knew Jess was the one after the first time we spoke on the phone. It was so easy to talk to her and I didn't ever want to get off the phone with her. Then I met her in person and was completely mesmerized by her, she was so fun and easy to be around and she made me laugh so hard. I knew she was going to be my wife after I went to Texas to meet her family and where she came from. 

What is the most important key to a good relationship?

Jessica: Trust is huge for me; I think in a good relationship everything should be an open book, no secrets and no lies. You have to be able to trust each other and have each other's back no matter what. Eric and I have that, we do not lie to each other and we tell each other everything it's like having a best friend you happen to make out with haha!

Eric: I would say the same thing, Trust!

Eric, being from Cold spring what is some memorable things growing up?

Eric: hanging around the baseball park 24/7 as a kid, taking the boat out to fish or do some sort of water sport. And all my high school athletics and the camaraderie that brought! 

What is a typical day at the Decker's house like?

Jessica: on a day off, we wake up and have coffee in our robes and sit out on the balcony if its warmer or inside in the living room and chat. Then I will make my hungry monster some breakfast and then we shop, or lounge around since we are usually so tired and want to relax on a day off!

What is your favorite state?

Eric: I love Colorado and I love Nashville, TN too!

Jessica: That is a tough one! I love Hawaii, I love Louisiana and I love California!

How did you and Eric meet?



Jessica, being an athlete's wife, what words of advice do you give Eric after a rough practice or game?

If Eric has a rough or grueling practice, I just make him a beautiful dinner and run a bath so he can relax his body and just give him lots of attention and love. If he has a rough game, I just find the good in the situation and let him know how proud I am and that he isn't superman and shouldn't be so hard on himself. He is a perfectionist!

Where is a place you want to travel or visit?

Eric: Italy, we have a trip planned to go next year that I have mapped out. I've always wanted to go and Jess was born there, so it will be special.

Jess: I was going to say the same thing, Italy and Spain too!

What are some favorite Christmas traditions you are both looking forward too?

Eric: I love listening to Christmas music, it is my favorite. I am looking forward to starting some traditions with Jess and the dogs this year! 

Jessica: I think my favorite traditions growing up would be putting the tree together while mama makes apple cider and playing Christmas music! We hated putting that tree together every year because the branches would poke you! But looking back now, it was a sweet memory. I am excited to start my own traditions now with Eric and our future children and carrying on my childhood traditions too!